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. he finally got it at that point he said i'm terribly sorry my name is steve if you want to report me and he ran for the door. i felt bad for steve. i like steve. i chased after him to make sure he knew no hard feelings. so every time i see him in the hall i say high so he knows there are no hard feelings. although it did occur to me, his name is probably not steve. [laughter] so when i started this year, 2010 i was looking forward to two things, two steps that i believed would help us fundamentally transform our government into that kind of government or something more cleesly representing or resemithaling kind of government that our founding father's envisioned for us. one of those events i knew would occur in june, probable toward the end of june probable the last thursday in june chi quickly identified as june 28. the other date that i recognize as potentially transform ma tive of our government, the other date that i recognize that i thought would probably have a positive impact on the development of our constitutional system of government was november 6. and i would just like to
arkansas and the state commander mary irvin is here. thank you for being here. and steve do we appreciate you also much and all you do to work so hard for veterans and the state of arkansas. certainly this is a very critical time for our nation's veterans and it is so important that the legion, so important you are here. don't ever underestimate how important it is here. telling your congressman and senators, your staffs, which is sometimes even more important, telling the stance how important things are as we move forward. i know all americans are very concerned about employment security but veterans in particular are struggling with a meaningful employment in careers. this is certainly a very difficult economy. you mentioned, commander, the vow to hire heroes act and veterans jobs at -- certainly these are steps in the right direction. again, everyone deserves credit in a very bipartisan way in moving forward. but there are still a number of things we can do and will do in that area. on the other hand, we have to be careful. certainly we want to do these efforts. we cannot do those by m
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2